If using Azure Web Role with Full IIS then get the Windows Azure SDK Refresh now

Hi there,

If your using the Windows Azure November SDK v1.3 and have deployed a web role using Full IIS**  then you should get the SDK refresh which contains config and security updates. You can get more info here

Applying the fix

  1. Please download and install the refresh of the November 2010 Tools and SDK (recommended).
    To upgrade just the SDK please use this link (64 bit) or this link (32 bit).
  2. To verify the fix has been applied.:
    1. Start >> Control Panel >> Programs and Features
    2. Find ‘Windows Azure SDK’ and verify the version is now 1.3.20121.1237
  3. Re-package your service.
  4. Upgrade/re-deploy your service in the cloud.

** Note: Full IIS is the default after deploying with v1.3 unless you have specifically removed the <Sites></Sites> element from your ServiceDefinition.csdef to revert to using the legacy hosted web core