Windows Phone 7 News


What a busy month Dec is turning out to be eitherway here are some handy news notices relevant for Windows Phone 7 devs. 

  1. We had our first WP7 dev drinks this week.  It was good to get out and talk about WP7 dev over a few drinks and to demo some WP7 apps in development.
  2. The Windows Phone 7 MSDN Documentation has been updated
  3. Developer payouts for Windows Phone Marketplace will begin in the Last week of January 2011
  4. Visual Basic goes Mobile - WP7 VB RTW.  Although this is a great step forward for VB Developers it still does not come close to when C# went mobile :)
  5. My C# License plate

    My C# License plate. For those of you in Sydney who over the past 3 years thought you seen it flash by - you can now rest assured it's not a figment of your imagination brought on by copious amounts of coding :)

  6. Those of you building WP7 applications leverage Azure should check out the Dec update of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit
  7. Developer reporting tools which show download and transaction reports are available on App Hub –> My Dashboard — Windows Phone –> Reports
  8. Microsoft Advertising SDK for WP7 now supports XNA games here although as far as I can find out its not yet outside of the US